Since 2014, I have been systematically monitoring more than 3,500 products and almost 500 producers"

Harry Tzannis

Product Of The Day
The Greek "product of the day" is a platform promoting food products of individual producers or small size companies. Every day i present a different story, the story of a greek food product.


Since 1996 I've been creating content for the Internet, mainly for Gastronomy and Culture sectors. In recent years, I have been working professionally as a food editor searching and presenting Greek products of individual producers or small size companies. Since 2014, I have been systematically monitoring more than 3,500 products and almost 500 producers, who, with a real effort, produce extraordinary products by exploiting the advantages of the Greek land. Olive oil, honey, fig, wine, herbs and many more high quality and healthy products


I meet personally most of the producers; I know their families, their places and their concerns. What is really interesting is the fact that, I know their produce, try their products together and sometimes help them to improve. Each year I taste more than 800 new products to keep track of the Greek produce evolution, trying to analyze each product with consistency, professionalism and objectivity. So if someone is looking for Greek quality products then the "product of the day" is the right place.

Greek "Product of the day" is an original index of Greek products where one can find what he is looking for as long as he asks the right question. Level of quality, price, quantity, specific audience, innovation are parameters of the suggested products as I try to highlight the versatility of Greek products.

Greek "Product of the day" does not sell products but is here to save you time and trouble [ie money] by providing the right solutions for you. After discussing your needs together and studying the parameters of your place and your audience then I prepare a list of products, prices and contacts to suit your needs.


So if you have a restaurant, delicatessen, hotel, catering or you are a wholesaler and you need guidance or solutions that are related to Greek products, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be pleasantly surprise you!