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Please note that delicatesseria menu is not available from the 22nd of June till the 16th of Semptember 2022. 

What is a Delicatesseria

Delio Food Hub is a Greek Delicatesseria that offers a unique food experience based on local Greek products through a full diner course of 5 stages without cooking at all. Unique, classy, stylish and tasteful experience. Food pairing and wine pairing are also available upon request. Delio experience is located in the fancy neighbour of Koukaki, Athens in a small bar designed especially for that purpose close to Acropolis Museum. 

  • Food experience

  • Privacy 

  • Safety and Hygiene

  • Reservations only 210 9223988, FB message or

  • Monday to Saturday 

  • Special menu, degustation experience 

Serving slots:
Monday to Saturday   18:00-20:30 and 21:00 - 00:00   

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